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Link Here: Green Schools: Piece of Peace Empowering Kids through Education to Live Healthier Lives

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Piece of Peace: Empowering Kids through Education to Live Healthier Lives

By. Jackie Brenner

 “Every piece of food you eat, will lead to inner peace.” We are all told to eat healthy, choose food responsibly, and stay active. For kids nowadays, this is a lot to remember in addition to completing homework on-time and meeting the demands of extracurricular activities! Many do not prioritize healthy eating for three simple reasons:

1. They do not understand why healthy eating is important

2. They do not know which foods are healthy

3. They are reluctant to try new foods that are healthy

Nutrition and wellness discussions more often than not are directed at the adult population; however, healthy habits need to start with children. Many health problems such as diabetes and heart disease can be prevented or minimized if society prioritizes healthy living starting in childhood. If young people understand why nutrition is important and why certain foods are healthy, they will feel more empowered to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle…

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