We Are Piece of Peace

Every piece of food you eat, will lead to inner peace.

Jackie Brenner

We believe that everyone deserves access to education about overall wellness. We’re dedicated to empowering kids about making nutritious decisions, and integrate yoga to incorporate all aspects of mind, body, and spirit.

We are non-profit who donates 100% of proceeds to purchasing healthy ingredients, snacks, and yoga mats for underprivileged kids.

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Our Work

To ensure we always have the funds to provide healthy snacks, yoga mats, and printed educational materials.

$3,000 out of $10,000
120 out of 300 volunteers
500 out of 1000 yoga mats
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Piece of Peace is a phenomenal organization that promotes healthy lifestyle choices for today’s youth. Through a potent combination of meaningful outreach programming, generous donations, and active engagement with schools and education centers in our immediate area, Jackie and Piece of Peace have succeeded in counseling young children in making positive adjustments to both their eating and exercise habits.

Jason Glick

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