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Raw Juice / 3 Natives Fundraisers

At Saint Andrew’s School we held two different fundraisers in order to raise awareness and money for our non-profit. With our partners Raw Juce and 3 Natives on separate days we were able to teach high school kids a little more about Piece of Peace and some tips to be healthy!

With 3 Natives we did an acai Bar rather than the typical “Sunday Bar”. This way students were able to make their own acai bowls and learn about the different ingredients that go inside such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, coconut, almond butter and more. On top of each ingredient was a tip and quick note saying the benefits of each specific ingredient. Not only did students enjoy a healthy snack but also learned some new things about nutrition!

The next week partnering with Raw Juce we did smoothies and juices. Not only did students learn about juices and how the drinks have different nutrients in them that are not found in a regular daily diet,  but were also exposed to different flavors they had never tried such as turmeric, strong lemon, paprika, ginger and more. These spices have a lot of benefits that that the students learned about. Along with the juices we also were made smoothies which had many superfoods, fruits, and also kale in them so the kids could see how including a serving in a smoothie does not change the taste and has many health benefits!

Jackie BrennerRaw Juice / 3 Natives Fundraisers

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