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Health Corps

Teaming up with Health Corps to make the world a healthier place! Keep up with Jackie Brenners next blog post articles and videos!

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Jackie BrennerHealth Corps
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Yoga Cards

We are almost done completing our yoga cards! These will be a new part to our program. We are very excited to announce our release of our personal made yoga cards! These cards will include specialized poses with how to do the yoga poses, the physical, mental, and especially nutrition benefit! These cards will be available as PDFs online, or printed and available for purchase, and when you buy one deck of cards, one will be donated to an underprivileged kid as well!


Jackie BrennerYoga Cards
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Green Schools Article

Green Schools Network:

Link Here: Green Schools: Piece of Peace Empowering Kids through Education to Live Healthier Lives

Here is a preview of our article:

Piece of Peace: Empowering Kids through Education to Live Healthier Lives

By. Jackie Brenner

 “Every piece of food you eat, will lead to inner peace.” We are all told to eat healthy, choose food responsibly, and stay active. For kids nowadays, this is a lot to remember in addition to completing homework on-time and meeting the demands of extracurricular activities! Many do not prioritize healthy eating for three simple reasons:

1. They do not understand why healthy eating is important

2. They do not know which foods are healthy

3. They are reluctant to try new foods that are healthy

Nutrition and wellness discussions more often than not are directed at the adult population; however, healthy habits need to start with children. Many health problems such as diabetes and heart disease can be prevented or minimized if society prioritizes healthy living starting in childhood. If young people understand why nutrition is important and why certain foods are healthy, they will feel more empowered to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle…

Jackie BrennerGreen Schools Article
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Karma For Cara Grant

We applied for a grant to the Karma for Cara Foundation and were able to receive one of the micro-grants of $1000! Thanks to Karma for Cara we were able to spread out goal and can now buy several yoga mat to distribute to the kids!

Jackie BrennerKarma For Cara Grant
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Palm Beach Country School District- Department of Safe Schools

On April 11th Jackie Brenner had the opportunity to present her entire program to The Palm Beach School District, Department of Safe Schools. Only after running Piece of Peace for a couple months she wanted some feedback and see where this program could potentially move into in the future. She received great feed back and although the Program was denied she has a couple things to fix and improve on to hopefully work to get this program in next year!

Jackie BrennerPalm Beach Country School District- Department of Safe Schools
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Raw Juice / 3 Natives Fundraisers

At Saint Andrew’s School we held two different fundraisers in order to raise awareness and money for our non-profit. With our partners Raw Juce and 3 Natives on separate days we were able to teach high school kids a little more about Piece of Peace and some tips to be healthy!

With 3 Natives we did an acai Bar rather than the typical “Sunday Bar”. This way students were able to make their own acai bowls and learn about the different ingredients that go inside such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, coconut, almond butter and more. On top of each ingredient was a tip and quick note saying the benefits of each specific ingredient. Not only did students enjoy a healthy snack but also learned some new things about nutrition!

The next week partnering with Raw Juce we did smoothies and juices. Not only did students learn about juices and how the drinks have different nutrients in them that are not found in a regular daily diet,  but were also exposed to different flavors they had never tried such as turmeric, strong lemon, paprika, ginger and more. These spices have a lot of benefits that that the students learned about. Along with the juices we also were made smoothies which had many superfoods, fruits, and also kale in them so the kids could see how including a serving in a smoothie does not change the taste and has many health benefits!

Jackie BrennerRaw Juice / 3 Natives Fundraisers
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Round Square

In December when starting this project, there was a Round Square World Competition called the Anniversary Challenge that tested students to see if they could improve something in their community and encourage others to help. Round Square is an organization that includes a worldwide network of innovative schools in 50 countries across 6 continents. The goal is to discover a holistic approach of learning through 6 IDEALS which help catch the excitement and thrill of adventure through International Service. After applying to this competition, I received this grant of $500 which we were able to use towards buying kids healthy food and printing educational material for the kids.

Jackie BrennerRound Square
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Yoga Mats

Finally we have started to raise more money to buy yoga mats but are still looking for more donations! A yoga mat acts as a kids bubble where they can have a sense of privacy and security to do whatever they want. Once these centers have yoga mats for the kids, the goal of our program becomes more of a reality. After kids learn about nutrition and wellness, the yoga mat bridges these components together. They will be able to use the new yoga poses, gain the nutritional benefit of this, and meditate with these yoga mats.

Jackie BrennerYoga Mats
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Vault Fitness

Vault Fitness was were I, Jackie Brenner started to fall in love with yoga, and where I realized how important not only physical health is but mental as well. The owner Stefanie Ellis has helped me so much and has taught me how important it is to take an hour out of our busy days to distress and practice yoga. Not only did I feel better but my performance in school was 100% better. She has allowed me to do several fundraisers at her gym in order to support Piece of Peace.

Jackie BrennerVault Fitness
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